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Dissertational Council
Supreme Certifying Committee of the RA

  Order 23 A, 15.02.2019   1.      Guided by the RA 15th and 16th provisions of the scientific degree awarding regulations and by the 11th and 14th sub-provisions of the Supreme Certifying Committee (SCC) regulations, to form professional council 054 of geology in the NAS RA Institute of Geological Sciences (IGS).   2.      The council can organize Ph.D. and Habilitation dissertation defenses.   24.01.01 - For the profession of General geology (geological sciences), with the following membership:  
N/N Surname, name, patronym Scientific degree Number in the council
1 Jrbashyan R.T., head DSc. (geol.), Academician of NAS RA 24.01.01
2 Melqonyan R.L. vice-head DSc. (geol.), Corresponding Member of NAS RA 24.01.01
3 Sahakyan L.H., scientific secretary Candidate of Geol. Sci., 24.01.01
4 Avagyan A.V., DSc. (geol.), 24.01.01
5 Mouradyan K.M., DSc. (geol.), 24.01.01
6 Meliksetian Kh. B. DSc. (geol.), 24.01.01
7 Nazaretyan S.N. DSc. (geol.), 24.01.08
8 Galoyan Gh. L., Candidate of Geol. Sci., 24.01.01
9 Movsisyan R.S. Candidate of Geol. Sci., 24.01.01
10 Hovhanissyan A.E. Candidate of Geol. Sci., 24.01.01
3.      To set activity period for the council of geology up to December 31, 2019.    
Basis: NAS RA president R. Martirosyan's petition N. 24-01/62 of 28.02.2019 and IGS NAS RA head Kh. Meliksetian's petition N. 2452-41 of 07.02.2019.    
                                                            SCC Chief S. Gogyan