Earth Sciences Journal


Editor-in-Chief: R. L. Melkonyan

Editorial Board: A. H. Aghinyan, A. V. Avagyan (Deputy Editor-in-Chief), A. A. Arakelyan, H. R. Baghdasaryan, G. A. Gabrielyants, Gh. L. Galoyan, Sh. A. Gyulnazaryan, T. Danelian (France), L. Z. Hovhannisyan, S. M. Hovhannisyan, E. E. Khachiyan, Kh. B. Meliksetian, R. S. Movsesyan (Managing Editor), S. N. Nazaretyan, R. T. Jrbashyan, S. A. Palanjyan (Russia)   

The journal was established in 1948, under the title “Proceedings of the ASSR NA Physics-mathematical, natural technical sciences“, where articles dedicated to the geological sciences were published as well. Since 1964, the journal has been published under the name “Proceedings of the NAS RA Earth Sciences“. Since 1993, three volumes have been published annually, each – with the volume of about 5 printing press.

The published articles are dedicated to the following problems: regional geology, stratigraphy, archaeology, tectonics and active tectonics, geodynamics, geophysics, seismology, magmatism and petrology, volcanology, lithology, geochemistry, geology of metal and non-metal mineral deposits, geochemical and geophysical search methods of minerals, hydrogeology, engineering geology, as well as physical geology, geomorphology, meteorology, geoecology, hazardous geological phenomena, geoinformatics and others. 

The materials are published in Armenia, Russian, and English and are followed by summaries in languages other than the original one. 

In 2008, “Bibliographical Guide” of all the articles from 1948 to 2007 was published. 

Its electronic version is regularly updated with materials of the following years. 

In the journal, the articles are reviewed and published free of charge. 

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