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Geological Museum after H. Karapetyan

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In 2012, the special hall of minerals named after the American-Armenian collector A. Dildilyan was opened in the Museum, which exhibits 750 out of 1400 rare minerals samples from different countries donated by him. Minerals donated by Armenian geologists are also in the exhibition.   

   A number of innovations have been implemented in the Museum in recent years. The eco-club “Bnaget” was established, where children of different ages get acquainted with Armenian geology and ecological issues. The Museum organizes public classes, educational expeditions, and excursions within the frames of competitions proposed by the Ministry of Education and Sciences. 

   In 2016, the Museum joined the Dutch-Swiss izi.TRAVEL organization, which is aimed at discovering museums and cities   and triggering the activities of various cultural and touristic organizations. 

   Starting from 2016, the Geological Museum is a member of the “Yerevan Card” City Pass Program. “Yerevan Card” is the official city pass which is a unique means for using privileges almost in all the institutions and services offered in the city. The card gives the right of free visit to the museums, attractions, free participation in the city tours and usage of city transport. In the framework of cooperation between Yerevan Card and Geological Museum, cardholders are given free access to the museum.

   More detailed information can be found on the official website of Yerevan Card at

   The directors S. Lusyan (1937-1938), A. N. Hakobyan (1938), S. T. Tigranyan (1938-1949), N. A. Sahakyan-Gozalyan (1949-1954), I. G. Gasparyan (1955-1956), L. A. Avagyan (1956-1976), G. B. Mezhlumyan (1977-1996), and A. G. Grigoryan (1996-2011) had a significant impact on the development of the Museum. Since 2011, the head of the Geological Museum is Gayane Grigoryan. The Museum fund is over 11000 samples, 2700 of which are on display. 

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   The Museum is open on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday. 

   Days off: Saturday, Sunday 

   The exhibition is open from Monday to Friday, 10:30 – 17:00 

   Ticket prices:
   Prices are valid from 01.02.2024-31.12.2024

  1. Ticket for pupils and students 500 AMD
  2. Ticket for adults 1000 AMD
  3. Ticket for Excursion in Armenian 1500 AMD
  4. Ticket for Excursion in foreign language 2500 AMD
  5. Educational program ticket for pupils 1500 AMD
  6. Educational program ticket 2500 AMD
  7. Amateur photography 1000 AMD   
  8. Amateur video recording (with written permission) 20 000 AMD

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