Library of IGS

Established in 1936, the IGS Library is one of the biggest within the structure of the NAS RA libraries. The book foundation of the library was established on the basis of H. T. Karapetyan’s personal library which had been collected throughout years. The Library has had a significant impact in the development of the geological sciences in the Republic. Currently, it is equipped with professional books covering all the areas of geological sciences, articles, dissertations, and handwritten reports in Armenian, Russian and other foreign languages.  

The Library book foundation exceeds the library unit of 25.000. Apart from the contemporary literature, the Library foundation has publications of the first local and international researchers of Caucasus geology. There are more than 21.000 samples of periodical publications in Russian and other foreign languages. 

The manuscripts fund was established in 1958 which includes the works of the first researchers of geology in the Republic. The number of manuscripts has been increasing annually and now it has about 1400 unit of reports and dissertations. The scrupulous work of collecting the manuscripts was initiated by the first employer of the library – S. Kamsarakan. Later in 1949, L. M. Gevorgyan undertook the job heading the IGS Library from 1955-1990. From 1991-1994, the Library was under the direction of M. S. Grigoryan. 

Since 2010, the employees of the Library, together with the LF of the NAS, have been participating in the formation of the joint electronic catalogue of the scientific libraries with the help of “Evergreen” system.   

In the NAS IGS Library, along with the traditional catalogue of books and journals, a computer program is created to allow the search of the books present in the Library and articles from “Earth Sciences” journal.      

You can get acquainted with the IGS Library literature list below: 

Catalog of IGS Library 

List of Authors


List of article and book titles