MA Education

Head of the Department
Hrachya Shahinyan,
PhD in Geological Sciences

The Department of Geology of the International Scientific Educational Center of the National Academy of Sciences of Republic of Armenia (ISECNAS RA) was established in 2013 with the professional potential and logistics base of the Institute of Geological Sciences.  The Department was created with the aim of preparing young professionals in Geology endowed with professional knowledge, which will duly comply with the contemporary professional demands. During the years of studying the Master’s degree the students will master the research methodology and participate in field and laboratory works. The students exhibiting good progress will be enabled to participate in grant and research projects. The Department faculty boasts professionals with decades-long professional experience. Their scientific works are regularly published in a number of local and international scientific publications and volumes, and presented at international conferences.

Department Objectives
The objectives of the Department include: to prepare Magisters and scientific personnel of Geology with high qualification; to foster international scientific educational cooperation in the professional sphere; to improve the teaching content; to elaborate and publish textbooks and
educational-methodological manuals. During the study process the Magisters will acquire thorough knowledge on the various areas of geological science including: active tectonics, geological hazards, seismology, the assessment of seismic risk, volcanology and the assessment of volcanic hazards, sedimentology, geochemistry, hydro-geochemistry, ore deposits and economic geology, petrology and petrography, geographical information systems, and other areas. Lectures on relating sciences applied in geological research will be provided as well. The training program of the Master’s degree includes both: lectures of fundamental applied areas of geological science, laboratory, and field works. The teaching process is provided by highly qualified and experienced professionals. The best students will have a chance to work at the Institute of Geological Sciences with the perspective applying for PhD studentship in the Institute.
Specialization: General Geology
Research works

The Institute leads cooperative research work with the professionals of France, Switzerland, Germany, Great Britain, USA, Iran, Italy, Taiwan, and other countries. The important results acquired in the process of these research works have been published in a number of international authoritative journals and collections. In 2012, together with the Institute, the Institute of Archeology and Ethnography of NAS RA, and the French National Center for Scientific Research (CNRF), Armenian-French international laboratory was established. During its activity new, important information regarding the fields of seismotectonic and archeology was acquired. Preparing and training of young professionals took place in the universities of France, Switzerland, Germany, USA.
Throughout various years, the Institute has realized many grant projects (CRDF, DARIUS, SCI, INTAS, ISTC, LIA, PICS, NATO, MEBE, SCOPES, IRG PEER-Science, NSF, and others) and contract works in nearly all the important fields of geology. With the order of the RA Government, in 2011 the assessment work of the seismic and volcanic conditions in the territory of the Armenian new nuclear power plant platform was finished and was accepted by the International nuclear agency with accolade.
For the past years the Institute employees have participated and presented their reports in the eminent international geological congresses, numerous consultations and conferences. The scientific results they had acquired were published as monographs and articles both in local and international scientific publications and volumes.
The geological library, the foundation of which was laid due to H. Karapetyan’s personal rich library, has been functioning from the first year of the Institute establishment. The library holds tens of thousands of books, numerous articles, monographs, theses, scientific reports, maps, abstracts.
The Geological Museum of the IGS has a rich exhibition of rocks, minerals, and archeological findings.
Currently, the Institute is the only scientific organization in the Republic of Armenia that realizes fundamental and applied researches in the main areas of geology. Since 1996, adjunct to the Institute, a professional board of the Earth Sciences field has been functioning, where 8 doctoral, 39 PhD theses have been defended up to 2017.