Laboratory of Volcanology

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About the Laboratory
As an independent subdivision in the IGS structure, the laboratory was established in 1963 and Ph.D. K. Shirinyan was appointed its first head. From 1989 to 2011, the laboratory of volcanology had functioned under the leadership of R. Jrbashyan, Academician of the NAS RA. Since 2011, the laboratory has been supervised by Dr. Sci. Kh. Meliksetian.

The laboratory is the only scientific department in Armenia, which specializes in volcanology and assessment of hazardous volcanic phenomena. It has wide recognition both in the republic and abroad.
Since the year the IGS was established and until the laboratory was formed, volcanological studies in Armenia had been led by such acknowledged geologists as H. Karapetyan, T. Jrbashyan, K. Paffenholtz, P. Ghambaryan, H. Stepanyan and others. Since the 1950s, systematized research on various problems of volcanology had been performed by the Petrography section of the Institute (head: G. Baghdasaryan).